This is my story of Casey Terrell. I met Casey 5 years ago. I found her to be very beautiful, she reminded me of the actress Blake Lively. I had always wanted to do a photo shoot with Casey, but our schedules never lined up. Last year I ran into Casey while she was waitressing at a Dupont Circle bar in Washington, DC. When I asked her what she was doing these days, she said that she was involved in MMA style fighting called Muay Thai. This is where people punch and kick the living snot out of each other for fun. I discovered that she was not only serious about her fights, but that she was really good as well. I found it fascinating that such a pretty girl would be interested in such a violent sport. I want to tell her story through my images. I decided to pay homage to the old boxing photos that I used to see in Life magazine when I was a child. The vintage treatment is my tribute to all of the sports photographers who painstakingly were able to create images in an era when they did not have the luxury of the digital medium. Even though I created all of the images on my Canon 5D Mark II, I photographed everything in a manner consistent with the old timers, except of course, my usage of high ISO.